Pacific Resorts History

In 1985, Pacific Resorts, Inc. (PRI) was created specifically to address initiatives of Aston Hotels and Resorts of Hawaii to compete with major international hotel brands on equal footing to capture a fair share of the growing number of Japanese travelers to Hawaii. Together, we inspired and created condominium-stay vacations for Japanese international travelers. In the nearly 30 years of our partnership with Aston Hotels & Resorts as its GSA, we have helped developed the Japan market by growing condominium-use while communicating Aston’s brand promise to customers. We take great pride in having achieved significant, highly-regarded performance benchmarks and reliable market share from Japan to Aston properties in Hawaii.

Today, Pacific Resorts, Inc. is a licensed travel agency and has diversified as a third-party agency providing seamless sales, marketing, e-commerce, public relations, reservations and representative services in Japan for a multitude of hospitality assets worldwide. We promote partners’ products and services in the Japan market. Simply put, we…

  • Duplicate/Replicate Client Account Corporate Identities Seamlessly in Japan
  • Create, Refine, Adapt, and Grow Brand Awareness, Recognition, Familiarity, and Demand
  • Generate and Deliver Constant Top-of-Mind Brand Awareness
  • Think: “Right Time,” “Right Place,” “Right Audience”
  • Communicate Facilitation: Media, Trade & CRM (Communication, Pre/Post Stay)
  • Participate in Partnership Marketing Initiatives – Promotions, Campaigns, Tradeshows, and Events
  • Find, Grow, Book and Retain Business for Client Accounts
  • Constantly Seek New Business and Opportunities

Executive Team

Kyosuke Shimada
President & C.E.O.
I started my career with Toyo Hotel and have been in the industry for 46 years. My biggest career accomplishment was to have established PRI in 1985 when I was fortunate to have a good partner to start the business that benefits both travel agencies and guests. Friendship with hotel-related people in Hawaii is what I cherrish most about this industry. For leisure, I like to play golf and to read books.
Shozo Kogane
Vice President and General Manager
I have been in the industry for over 30 years. My strong points are putting value on communications with people, and sales whichs builds on my past experiences as a ground operator in Hawaii. My hobbies are hiking mountains and ocean sports.
Daisuke Yamauchi
General Manager
Joined the company in January 2005, starting with reservation center operations for Aqua-Aston Hospitality (formerly Aston Hotels). E-commerce website production in Tahiti, China, and development of in-house systems. After working as a tour conductor in Hawaii and China, he became the sales manager. In June 2021, I was appointed Director and General Manager of Sales Headquarters. I am trying to conduct sales that make use of the experience I have cultivated in various departments and the strengths of being a general sales agent. On weekends, I enjoy my hobby of surfing in the sea of Chiba.

PRI 6 Advantages

Why use a service like PRI?

1. The Team

Multinational, proactive players with an average tenure of over 18 years in the industry. Reliable and determined – driven to make sure your objectives and targets are made every time.

2. Specialists

PRI staff are selected from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to reassure that all our streetlights are realized. From the travel agency to IT or graphic design to finance, our diversity offers the best synergy in all our services. If there is something specific needed, PRI will find it for you.

3. Reach

PRI offices in Tokyo cover all areas of Japan so you can be assured that your brand name goes far with an aggressive marketing strategy of online channels as well as traditional marketing. And we do not stop domestically as we all know the Japan market can be found worldwide.

4. Technology

Moves the industry faster and more efficient than any other factor. PRI continues to seek out and implement the latest web, software, and social media trends to stay ahead of the competition so you don’t have to.

5. Local Networks

Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know that gets things done in Japan and after being in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, you get to know people. Our grassroots support network of industry professionals keeps PRI always in the loop, informed, and prepared.

6. Reporting & Accountability

PRI believes in updating our clients regularly with meetings and progress reports just as you would expect from a branch office. The lines between PRI and the client are clear and transparent. We are an extension of your company.

Office Locations


Tsukiji Ogawa Bldg., 2 Fl.,
7-10-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0045 Japan

Tel: 03-3544-5020 Fax: 03-3544-5025