General Sales Agency (GSA)


gsaLooking for specific services to represent your company in Japan? Or a complete package to ensure that your brand is heard loud and clear? We offer four different service packages to make your transition into the Japanese market cost-effective, worry-free, and successful. Our services include:




Public Relations


Call Center

PRI offers a variety of packages to meet your budget needs or pick and choose from PRI Select to customize a plan.

Private Label – Complete GSA Representation

Two-years of full representation with total brand autonomy.

  • All business matter will carry your brand as if your office was in Japan.
  • Call center will answer calls on your dedicated toll-free line with your company name.
  • Sales staff will carry business cards that represent your company
  • All Gold-Label services and additional services at no charge.

Gold Label – Full GSA Representation

One-year of full representation under the PRI brand with complete service coverage.

  • Dedicated Sales Manager (DSM) assigned to 40 hours/week for Client
  • 20 hours/week of Marketing Activities
  • Call Center Services
  • Japanese responsive website* and social media presence
  • Weekly teleconferencing and monthly reporting

Silver Label – Basic GSA Representation

One-year representation under the PRI brand with minimal service coverage.
Just want to test the waters without the large investment, the Silver Label will allow you to get the same reach using our networks on a smaller scale. Recommended for small and mid-size start ups or companies with brands new to the Japan market. Let us plant your seeds of success.

  • 10 hours/week of Sales Activities
  • 10 hours/week of Marketing Activities
  • Content Creation
  • Monthly Reporting

PRI Select

Customize your services to just what you need monthly for as long as you need. Let us know what services you are interested in and well customize a GSA package for you.

  • Marketing for an event or brand in targeted publications
  • Direct Sales to travel agents or corporate customers
  • E-Commerce through a Japanese website or social media interaction
  • Call Center Services to take orders or reservations
  • Assistance with sales calls with interpretors or translation of material
  • Weekly activity update

*Website priced separately